A Year In Review

Some years are just like every other year–you get older, wiser, fatter, and achier.

Some years are monumental and literally change everything in your life.
That’s the year I had. Monumental, and life changing.

In honor of the Oxford dictionary deeming the word of the year for 2015 this…

This marks the downfall of our language evolved society.

I’m going to follow suit.

Here is my year in review- as told by GIFs, memes, and emojis.
Does it get more #millennial than this? I don’t think so.
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Happy Wednesday!!
Happy Monday

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in 2 weeks… obviously you noticed, as you were most definitely waiting anxiously for an email notification that I’ve posted something inspiring and thought provoking for you to peruse…

 At this time I am going through some big transitions in my life and I am overrun with exhaustion, work, and busy bee errands! I am making big moves and big changes; it’s all very exciting and I am overjoyed for the chance to grow and expand my character, explore my passions and hobbies more completely, and rediscover who I am. I can’t wait to get started on this next chapter in my life!

While I am transitioning to the next phase of my life, I will be taking a break from writing Lived In Lace.
Please refrain from rioting in the streets, this isn’t an official breakup.
I want to focus on being present through these next steps and to absorb and enjoy every experience fully, without distraction, and at times, without a camera to document my every action- step by step.

And what’s better than a dramatic but graceful exit?
An epic and stellar comeback!
I already have so many plans and so many wonderful things to share with you when I return! It’s going to be a whole lot of delicious food, holistic health and beauty, a ton of DIY home projects, and, as always, pictures of my cats.


 I may interrupt our regularly scheduled hiatus to post pictures of my cats… I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to resist sharing their above average cuteness. Question: Why should you be deprived of that? Answer: You shouldn’t…

Until next time, my lovelies,

P.S. Feel free to email me anything you’d like to see when I come back!! Or to tell me how much you miss me…